The Area Development Company Israel Holland

is new in the Israeli market.

We develop affordable and high-quality housing with the aim of lowering living costs. By using European sustainable building concepts we build high quality houses for less money. These houses are well insulated, very comfortable and save on energy bills.

As an Area Development Company, we develop new projects to contribute to the large Israeli demand in housing. We focus on building homes for starters, young families and young professionals. We build ´off site´ to ensure high quality and lower production costs. By developing a whole area with these homes, we create more possibilities to save energy and water and thus to lower costs even more.

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Municipalities can demand more sustainable, energy friendly housing, which lowers the total development costs for the municipality as well. For this ADC provides municipalities advice from Dutch experts.

Joktan Cohen​

Joktan Cohen

Joktan was born in Holland and was educated in Holland and Israel. He has a successful career as a consultant and manager in urban development in Holland, where he worked for municipalities and provinces, developers, and social housing companies.

Joktan is a commissioner of a social housing company and a speaker on the topic of area development and sustainable growth.

If the population of Israel is to keep growing at the pace it does, sustainability needs to be on all our agendas.

Avishai Atsmon De Groot​

Avishai Atsmon De Groot

Avishai was born in Israel to Dutch Parents and lived in Holland for 12 years, from 2004 onwards. Since 2015 he has divided his personal and business life between Israel and the Netherlands.

As an entrepreneur with a technical background, Avishai established a business that has created a commercial bridge between Israeli industries and the Dutch & European markets. With ADCIH, Avishai adds another lane, transferring expertise and products from the Netherlands to Israel.

The construction and area development sectors of Israel can draw a lot of knowledge, experience and inspiration from similar sectors in the Netherlands.

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